10 Tips To Keep Your Long Distance Relationship

Just how much of the friends and peers that you know that are able to keep if not survive their long-distance relationships? I could probably say, in my personal experience, that you could count them off my fingers and that is no exaggeration at all. If it is so difficult to keep a relationship while in close range, so how much more if it’s LDR? This is but the natural sentiment of many towards the idea of long-distance relationship or LDR and exactly the reason a lot of us are frowning on it. Some would try at least, but little would endure. Some would go to great lengths to keep it afloat but realizing a situation where the relationship would be perpetually challenged that the normal recourse was to give up. To get help from relationship advisors is okay but won’t totally cut it as statistics have already seen.
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10 Tips To Keep Your Long Distance Relationship

10 Tips To Keep Your Long Distance Relationship

1 – Use the space to better one’s self — the long distance could be an opportunity for an individual to develop skills or improve on things that could possibly make his or her more attractive to his or her partner. It’s understandable that when together, there are things that you can’t ever do because of the relationship restraint that involves time (i.e. working out, studying on personal development).

2 – As much as possible, avoid maintaining social media accounts — or to put it mildly, avoid being exposed to excessive temptations that are instantaneously available on the Internet nowadays. You could only lessen this if not totally taken away. You could use a little bit of the yahoo messenger or Skype to keep up with LDR-mate as a form of online communication tool. This is much more limited compared to the wide-open lure that Facebook and the likes offer.

3 – Be in the (constant) company of partner’s crowd/ relatives — I know this may sound ludicrous but being with these groups of people helps you in check of your actions. It makes you conscious of your actions and it helps grow your relationship because you have people around that either reminds you constantly of your partner or simply allow you to discover more of him or her that the long distance set up can’t apparently accommodate. You get to know your lover from a different perspective.

4 – Avoid being a jerk — unless it is in your nature to become one (which makes for a suspicion why you are in a relationship to begin with), this is the granddaddy of all the trigger of the befallen LDR. Don’t be a jealous freak when there’s no need for it and there’s no legit reason for it.

10 Tips To Keep Your Long Distance Relationship

5 – Be nostalgic — always remind one another of that one greatest moment that you felt the greatest feeling you had with him/ her. It will surely open up discussions about how did you go about feeling it and what was it like. It will help each one of you to relive those moments, making you want to do it again ego gets placed in the bucket for your to-do-list on the next get together.

6 – Call, instead of texting — What goes in your mind when you get a message THAT”S ALL IN UPPERCASE? A lot of misunderstandings in communication are products of poor communication—and texting is a poor communication especially when you can actually call. For Pete’s sake, talk! The emotion you course through when talking to a loved one is way better than the emoticons that you can creatively come up within texting. Romantic gestures are best expressed using your tone of voice.

7 – Make it a habit to ask how’s his/her day — The constant check on each other’s daily activities does not really diminish the longing from one another, it makes couples able to keep up with their individual’s progress and at the same time able to share or solicit advice about future plans—which essentially an integral dynamics of dating.

8 – Plan! Plan! Plan! — Always have something to look forward to. Discuss what will be the first thing you guys will do by the time you’ll be in each other’s arms again. Plan a vacation trip or depending on depths of your relationship, perhaps open up on plans about eventually settling down.

10 Tips To Keep Your Long Distance Relationship

9 – Be considerate — always be mindful of the difficulty of being on an LDR. Recognize the fact that the relationship that you both are into is unlike any other to be compared to a conventional relationship. That being said, making an effort to put on an extra cushion of patience is definitely needed for this to work and make sure that both are on the same page on this.

10 – Honesty is still the best policy — as ludicrous as it sounds, as hard as it is to actually do it, being truthful to one another despite the distance is the true testament of each other’s commitment in a relationship.

These are tips generated from personal experience and also from being around with peers that have LDRs (Take note, these are successful LDRs and I believe they are just 2 or 3 of them). I highly appreciate your thoughts on this by leaving a comment or if you have your own list, make it count here.


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