Best Tips And Side Effects Of Quitting Smoking Suddenly

Best Tips And Side Effects Of Quitting Smoking Suddenly

Why is smoking bad?

Smoking is an addiction but you can get rid of such a ridiculous habit. You may be doing it for joy, amusement or to suppress agony but don’t you realize the inherent disadvantages of smoking? Every smoker answers this question in a formal way and the only logic they put forward is a disappointment. Most smokers are either disappointed or addict to smoking. The disappointed people believe that their life pain is far greater than the pain of smoking. However, the smoking addict can never dare to put it down as nicotine fidgety is the biggest hurdle in his/her way. Well, are you looking for some Best ways to quit smoking? Do you wish to live your life simply and beautifully without the interference of smoking? If yes then you have landed the right page. Here you will be exposed to a number of ways to help yourself in getting rid of the injurious smoking habit.  Smoking is bad for health but there are Side effects of quitting smoking if you decide it to quit suddenly.
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Best Tips And Side Effects Of Quitting Smoking Suddenly

Planned or unplanned process

No matter how long you are used to taking nicotine, it may be 3 days or 30 years, of course, you can get rid of this habit. Some researchers illustrate that unplanned quitting smoking leads to better results whereas other experts are of the view that planned to quit leads to better results. As a person, if you are looking to quit smoking, you have to consider few things in mind. Your body is addicted to smoking and nicotine and all of sudden when you decide to quit, it may be difficult for you because of several many Side effects of quitting smoking suddenly to your health.  Some of the issue with people is a lack of motivation and stress, it can lead people to start smoking again and then they have to restart the process of quitting smoking again.  There are some setbacks that may occur if you decide to quit smoking all of sudden.

Best Tips And Side Effects Of Quitting Smoking Suddenly

Side effects of quitting smoking at once:

  • Sleep: if you start to quit smoking all of sudden, you might feel or face insomnia.
  • Digestive: you might face issues like nausea, indigestion, heartburn, and diarrhea and things might get worse but then it will improve with the passage of time.
  • Respiratory: Coughing, congestion, phlegm can also happen to you.
  • Circulatory: you can also experience stiff, dizzy and tingling in your fingers and toes.

You don’t need to worry about these symptoms as your body is going through repair process as smoking has damaged a lot of things in your body. You just need to stay motivated. If you start smoking again, it will be a setback for your quit smoking plan.
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Best Tips And Side Effects Of Quitting Smoking Suddenly

Quit Smoking Plan

Well, first of all; it is necessary to understand that smoking does not only affect you but it leaves its blemishes upon everyone’s life associated with you. Yes, your relations are affected due to your smoking habit. One such incident took place in Rock Hill, S.C. Sandi Seberry was celebrating her forty-fourth birthday and she was a regular smoker for over twenty-six years. However, she realized that her son, Ricky has also started following her mom’s bad habit. Yes, Ricky started smoking at the age of nineteen. Sandi was hurt and she thought to quit smoking. Yes, she wanted to save future of her beloved son and she wanted him to stay away from such a bad habit. What actually she did? She didn’t go for or searched for natural ways to quit smoking or the best way to quit smoking but she used her strong will to get rid of smoking.  She counseled her son and made a pact with him. They both agreed to quit smoking without the use of any medicine but their willpower. According to Sandi, she felt like dying but she didn’t allow herself for smoking. It took over two months and she is living a smoke-free life. Ricky also left smoking and it was comparatively easy for him as he joined the club as a teenager for joy and fun.

Best Tips And Side Effects Of Quitting Smoking Suddenly

Willingness and self-desire required following any plan

It means that there are effective ways to quit smoking but the best one is your strong will. She actually didn’t use any hypnosis, patches, acupuncture or other means to quit smoking but her willpower to do so. However, she explained that she had to bear extreme physical pain like irritability, headache, and dizziness but it only lasted for two months. Now, she is living a happy life without any smoke. So, to be a normal person and to live a healthy life; you need to have strong willpower. Strong will power supplemented by some easy ways to quit smoking can help you get rid of an injurious habit. Yes, you can enjoy a fresh life without any pain of the burn.

What are the ways that can help to quit smoking?

  • First of all, you must make a list and list down the reasons why you want to get rid of this habit
  • List down the start date of your quitting process and sign it yourself and with a witness
  • Keep your hand and mouth busy
  • Opt for quit smoking therapy
  • Try to drink as many water and liquid as you can
  • Make a list of things that crave you to smoking, when you feel you need to smoke, kiss your partner, play video games or try to keep your busy as much as possible.
  • Note down the positive things that you can do in your life instead of cigarettes smoking.

Best Tips And Side Effects Of Quitting Smoking Suddenly


To conclude the discussion, we can say that quitting smoking cigarettes is a step-wise process. No one can quit all of a sudden. If you plan and develop strategies, it will be beneficial for you. Moreover, you shall discourage all the negative acts that lead you to think about smoking again. It’s a healthy change in lifestyle. You have to stay motivated and be focused on your cigarette quitting plan.

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  1. Great tips here.
    I would add, get a support base around you as well. Support goes a long way in helping you stay focused. And like anything that you commit to initially there is always a massive sense of unease, anxiety and in some cases physical discomfort.
    Starting at the gym (again)
    Starting a new job
    Going on a date.

    Think about it, the gym can take up to a month plus before you see the benefits and the physical pain starts to feel less. A new job, again a sense of unease in new surrounding can last for weeks as you get to know new processes. Dating, well that can always have a sense of mental anguish, combined with excitement.

    The point is, your friends and family are their for moral support as you go through these experiences. The same can be said for ‘quitting smoking’ get them emotional involved and get them to support your efforts.

    Also make lifestyles changes that prompts you to adapt towards routines that doesn’t involve the temptation to smoke. Hey adopt a shelter dog, extreme you might say. Why? Helps you get outside more, helps out an animal in need and you gain a friend that will love you for life. You both win!!!!

    Quit smoking today……


  2. Hiii
    Quitting smoking is incredibly hard, especially for those that have done it for a long time and suffer with the cravings.

    I’ve been smoke free about… 27 weeks now ish not sure of the exact day, but everytime someone lights up near me or even if I see someone smoking on TV, they come crawling back out the depths, scratching there way to the front my mind.
    I’m lucky to not have to be around smokers, as none of my family smoke, so the temptation is few and far between, but I will admit

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