Essay On Time Management For Students Success In English

Time is a precious gift given by God to everyone in this world. Once it was gone, it won’t come again for any reason. Time is free but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. So it’s very important to manage your time. Your time is more valuable than money, so make fabulous. Managing time is essential for school students, college/university students, housewives and any kind of workers. But through this particular post, I’m going to discuss an essay on time management for students success. When I talk about students, it points out school/college/university or any other kinds of student. So hopefully this essay going to help all the students who are reading this post right now.
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Essay on Time Management for Students Success

Alright, first of all, we have to see what is time management. In simple words we can say, time management means how we planning and executing our day to day activities over the amount of time. It’s very easy to plan our next day activities over the amount of time we have. But it’s little hard to execute the activities in time as we planned. Once you finished your activities within the time you planned, then you are a successful time management person, which lead you towards a successful person in this society.

Essay On Time Management For Students Success In English

Let’s take a common school student in this era. We all, especially parents know how they struggle to finish their day to day activities on time. It’s all happen because they don’t know how to manage their time well. Most of the students really don’t know what they actually doing from they get off from the bed in the morning until going back to the bed in the evening. They just behave like a robot operates by their parents every time. This habit is not good at all for any school students and it will affect those particular students when they grow up and up. So parents must teach their children about the importance of time management and how it will affect their future life.

Here is a good advice about time management to you school kids. Once you follow these ideas and tips, I’m sure that one day you will be a right person among your friends and society.

Tips on Time Management for School Student’s Success

1 – Every day, before going to your bed take a small paper and write about 2 things. The first thing you have to write in a paper is, what are the activities you missed on that same day and why you missed those activities. The second thing is, what are the activities you have to do on next day over the amount of time you have. Keep this paper in your pocket or anywhere with you. So next day, this paper helps you to complete every activity you wrote down last night. Keep in mind, first, you have to finish whatever the pending works from last day. Tick in that paper whenever you finish each activity. Try to motivate yourself with a reward if you did everything in the paper. You may think it’s little hard. But take my words children, once you follow this step for 1 week, it will get easy for you for the following weeks.

Essay On Time Management For Students Success In English

2 – Most of the student find hard to wake up in the morning for school. They put the alarm, but in the morning switch off it and sleep again. What you can do is, set the alarm clock and keep it a little far from you. So once the alarm sounds alerted you in the morning, you have to wake up and walk a little to the alarm clock for switch off it. This little walk makes you open your eyes and get out a little from your sleeping tiredness.
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3 – Don’t afraid to say NO to anyone if it affects your personal works. Let’s say you have a homework and you must have to finish that before going to bed. In this situation, your friend asks you to come for a movie. If you are not managing your time you may go to the theater. But if you are a successful time management student, simply you would say NO to him and use that valuable time for your personal works.

4 – Find what will be your right time to do more activities. Some students prefer morning time and some prefer evening time. Depend on your preferable time get to use most at that particular time.

5 – As a school student you must have to play outside or play video games inside or even watching TV. But schedule a particular time for these extra activities. Don’t mess up your studying time with these extra activities. For instance, you can schedule like, after the school watch TV for one hour and then play for 2 hours. After all, concentrate on home works and other useful activities.

6 – Whenever you find yourself that doing some unimportant works and wasting time, get the “to do list paper” and see what will be your next prior activity. Once you find some pending activity, do that first instead of wasting your time in unwanted works.

7 – Apart from these all, you must have to sleep well enough at night time and give a good rest to your brain. So that your brain works well in next day. As a school student, you must have to sleep at least 6 to 8 hours in the night time.

These are some of the important tips on time management for school student’s success. These tips are taken away from each and every story of the successful school students. So, if you really want to be in a successful student list, you must have to follow these steps and hold your time management habit firmly.

The above tips are suitable for school students. What about college or university students? How will time management affect college and university students? Nothing new, but you also have to follow the above tips with some more additional tips which I’m going to point out now.

Tips on Time Management for College/University Student’s Success

1 – Follow the suitable points which I discuss under time management tips for school student.

2 – Unlike school students, you guys mostly concentrate on entrainments. But if you want to be a successful time management student, you have to get away from these entertainments as much as you can. I never said avoid all your entertainments, but I’m saying try to reduce your entertainments.

3 – Most of the college and university students find hard to stop their liquor and smoking habits. You can have these things once in a while at a party or pub. But if you are addicted to these habits every day, keep in your mind that you spoil your beautiful life. In this case, you can’t concentrate on your time scheduled activities. Believe it or not doing exercise works in the same way sleep does. So try to follow some physical activities every day which helps you to focus your state of mind.
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4 – When we grow up and up, we will have to face more problems and struggles. In such situations, you may put yourself under a big stress. These times you control your mind in a well-desired way. So, whenever you find yourself under stress, go and sleep without thinking anything. I’m sure that your mind will work fresh and smooth when you wake up after a good rest. Then you can see “to do list” and start you next top activity.

Essay On Time Management For Students Success In English

5 – Sometimes you may do some part-time jobs because you want money to carry on your studies further. In this case, you have to be very careful with your time management. Don’t work hard at any situation. Work for what you want to carry forward your studies and life. Don’t work for more than that. Because of too much work definitely, make you tired and stress. So after the work, you can’t focus on your studies and other important activities.

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So, what you think now students? This is the essay on time management for students success. Hopefully, this essay helps you in some way. If you would like to be a good student among your friends or want to become a great personality, you must have to follow time management tips. So, try to understand the importance of time management habit and keep this habit throughout your lifetime. Once you fully follow time management habit, not only you will become a high-class personality but also you make your parents very proud. Now, you are the decision maker, so take the right decision at this right time. I always welcome your comments and suggestions. Please use the comment box below for your comments. Share this post with your friends by click one of the social share buttons below.

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