Importance Of Time Management For Nurses – 8 Useful Tips

It is accepted that nursing as a profession is entirely different from other jobs, and nurses are paramount both in the hospital and in the society in general. Efficient time management gives a lot of help to nurses in order to meet up the increasing demand of their job. If you find yourself to be a nurse, there is no doubt, you are occupying a very demanding position, and need some necessary steps or skills for you to manage your time effectively. However, the topic Importance of time management for nurses is something that needs to be taken seriously because this helps a nurse to be well-organized, prepared and flexible all the time both at work and at home.
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Importance Of Time Management For Nurses – 8 Useful Tips

As a nurse, you need to consider your patient’s comfort and health as this is your major responsibility and this can leave you with a very few time to spare before when trying to meet up with your daily activities while on duty.

This few time management tips will for sure help you in managing your time so you can leave no stone unturned at the end of the day. Nurses should take note that it is practically impossible for them to complete their entire task on a daily basis but this few tips will make you go a long way.

Useful Tips About Importance Of Time Management For Nurses

1. Firstly, plan every day’s activities well: put aside a little time for ten minutes at the beginning of everyday activities so as to prepare well for the day.

2. List out your activities and make sure you get the most important ones out of the day. Let your patient’s care be the greatest of your priorities and make it the most significant part of your day, although you may be facing a lot of paperwork and this can be completed whenever you are less busy.

3. Relying on your memory can be a little risky as you have a lot of things on your mind that is why you have to write things down. Don’t forget to cross out tasks you have completed so as to avoid repetition and waste of time.

4. Organize your workstation: this will help you to avoid going back to what you have done and this will give you the insight of you will be able to manage your time and how to adjust yourself.

Importance Of Time Management For Nurses – 8 Useful Tips

5. Try out a division of labor method: you sometimes have to delegate your tasks, meanwhile you need to ensure that the person you are delegating a task to, is also a competent person like you, this is vital.

6. Learn to say no any time it is necessary. Nurses most of the time face the challenge of how to say this simple word, and this can eventually result in a lot of work if they don’t know how to make this statement. At times patients make unreasonable demands or if their request is about something that requires them to hold on you should not hesitate to hold them on and attend to a task that is more pressing. If you say no with a simple smile and offer a time frame of when you will be available the patient will not mind, this way is also a very appropriate way of dealing with your co-workers that happen to be a source of distractions too while on duty.
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7. Always Schedule your important tasks for a period that you have the maximum energy. You can complete tedious tasks when you feel lethargic.

8. Any time nurses have an emergency, or a patient needs the attention of a nurse. You need to adapt, adjust and prioritize yourself on time.

All this under listed time management tips will help you out as a nurse and ensure that you have enough time for your patients, it will also make you feel a lot less stressed at the end of the day.

Ensure you use your daily schedule as a guideline and should not obsess over it extensively. A good time management skill enables you to get the maximum satisfaction from you and make nurses give exceptional care to patients without necessarily working themselves to the bone this also give nurses a greater sense of control. However, the greatest of the problem nurses face most of the times is nothing but frequent interruptions. For nurses to manage their time very well, they need to plan for how they can control interruptions.

Importance Of Time Management For Nurses – 8 Useful Tips

There is no better time for you as a nurse to start time management better than now. Nursing as a profession naturally comes with some stress and difficulties; you don’t necessarily need to take it any harder than it needs to be, in fact, a simple to-do list can give a great help in trying to understand how to utilize your time at work better.

Certainly, it takes you some time to adapt if you are new to the system but will eventually become your second nature and you will be cruising through things needed to get done more easily as time goes on.

Your ability to improve your time management will also not only make you a competent nurse but makes you find yourself as a more efficient one; that will be able to meet up patient’s demand in less time.

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In conclusion, effective time management can make you save a life, give you more time to speak with, and to know those that you care about.

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