Why Do Many Adults Quit Exercising Or Discontinuing An Exercise Program

Why do many adults quit exercising or discontinuing an exercise program? It’s quite a good topic to discuss with you in this modern world. Arising of technologies and social media network are giving many advantages to the people, meanwhile, there are some disadvantages from them. It all depends on how we using and how much we involve with those new technologies and social networks. Of course, we should have to get to know every new thing, but we must have to save some time for our own works and essential activities like exercise and workouts. Whenever we focus more on some unwanted and unreliable activities then we can’t focus on essential activities. Through this post, I’m going discuss why do many adults quit exercising.

Why Do Many Adults Quit Exercising Or Discontinuing An Exercise Program

Some of you may confuse about why I’m talking about arising of new technologies and social networks here. There is a reason guys. Nowadays many people especially adults totally addicted to these two activities. So they really don’t have time for concentrate on other works. This is the main reason why many adults quit exercising or discontinuing an exercise program.

First of all, you all must know exercise or workouts in every day are essential for our healthy lifestyle. Some of you may think a proper diet will help you to lose weight easily. Of course, you should have to follow a proper diet in order to lose weight, but without some exercises, a proper diet won’t help you lose weight like you wish. What I’m saying is, at least 15 to 30 minutes exercise every day is very important if you really want to be in shape. Alright, let’s see why do many adults quit exercising or discontinuing an exercise program.

Why Do Many Adults Quit Exercising

1 – No Time:  This is the first and main reason why people discontinuing their exercise program. As I mentioned earlier, due to the fast rising of new technologies and social media networks adults struggle a lot to find some time for their exercise or workout. When I ask some of my friends, “why do you stop go to gym?”, they simply answer me that they don’t have time. If you can’t able to allocate 30 minutes from 24 hours, then you are not the right person to think about your healthy life.

2 – Major Changes Very Quickly: There is nothing in this world come to you easily and quickly. Guys, keep in mind that you can’t see the results after one or two weeks from the day you started your workout. If you are a beginner to the workouts, you must have to wait for at least 30 to 45 days for a little change in your body. So never give up in one month because you don’t see any results. Always try your best and do something new at gym center or at your home gym.

Why Do Many Adults Quit Exercising Or Discontinuing An Exercise Program

3 – Got Bored With Same Exercises: This happens to many people and many of us really want to give up only because of this reason. Don’t do the same exercises or workouts every day. Change your routine each day or every two days which would motivate you more than you do the same exercises every day. Try some new exercises and see how it affects your body. If you see some good results then you can follow as you want. So it’s better for you to stop doing the same exercises every day.

4 – Schedule Your Dates: At the beginning, we go to the gym every day and do a workout for 2 or 3 hours or even more. But, do you think it will continue for last long? I don’t think so. The time you spent at the gym is really important. You don’t need to go to the gym every day. So, schedule your dates and time. I recommend you to go to gym 4 or 5 days a week. Take 2 days off in between. Don’t take both days off at a time. Going to gym 7 days a week really makes you bored.

5 – Family Commitments: Of course, the family is very important to anyone in this world. But don’t say that you stopped gym because of the family commitments. You can allocate a good time for spending with your family. Don’t overlap the gym time with the time you spend with your family.

6 – Not A Good Environment: Some gym centers won’t give a good environment for the happy workout. Some gym centers have many people but they don’t have much equipment for all their people. So you may have to wait before start to do every exercise. This may push you to stop your exercises. So it’s very important to choose the right gym center for your happy workouts.

Why Do Many Adults Quit Exercising Or Discontinuing An Exercise Program

7 – Not Eat Well: People think, they should have to skip foods for losing weight. That’s completely wrong imagination. You must have to eat well with balanced nutrition foods. Without eating well enough how you going to lift up the bars and do hard workouts? So, you should have to eat well and do proper workouts.

8 – No Motivation: You may think motivation is not much needful for a workout adult. But you believe it or not, many researchers conclude, a person who starts to do exercises without a good motivation has 90% to stop his exercises within a month. So motivation and determination are the two very important things you must consider before going to start your exercises. Motivate yourself every day and try to reward yourself if you find some changes in your body.
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9 – Go To Gym Center: Don’t go to gym center. Are you happy now? I said don’t go to gym center, but I never said stop your exercises. What I meant is, start doing your exercises at home. You don’t need to go to gym center. Because you have to get ready, dress up and drive to gym center. These extra activities may cause to stop your interest in the gym. So just start your gym from your own home.

10 – Try Hard Workouts At The Beginning: This one of the important reasons why many adults quit exercising. Right from the beginning, they start hard workouts. This may turn your body into full of pain which leads you to stop exercising. So at the beginning start your exercises with only cardio type exercises. There are some cardio exercises you can do at home without any equipment. Then day by day you can raise your level of hardness.

Why Do Many Adults Quit Exercising Or Discontinuing An Exercise Program

Final Words

So, I hope you get an answer for why do many adults quit exercising or discontinuing an exercise program. Allocate a time and dates for your exercises, get motivated by yourself, eat well with balanced nutrition, don’t expect major changes quickly, try different types of exercises, and don’t give up for any reason. This will definitely change your body as you wish. As I mentioned above, you don’t need to go to gym center for your workouts. You can do these things from your home itself.

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