Best 10 Words Of Encouragement For Young Adults & Students

Have you ever helped a young adult by your encouragement words? It is quite an awesome feeling if a young adult changes his/her lifestyle only after your encouraging words. Some people would like to help, but they don’t know how to help. Some adults desperately wanted few encouraging words from other people, but unluckily no one out there to help them. Here are some words of encouragement for young adults. I’m pretty sure these 10 words of encouragement for young adults and college/university students will help them in some way.

Best 10 Words Of Encouragement For Young Adults & Students

If there is one thing young adults need to hear most of the time, it is words of encouragement. Let’s face it, life is never easy, and as much as it is tougher on adults, it gets worse for young adults.

It is their prime time when they are getting to know the world and what they face out there will not be what they thought it would be.

They will fail, they will get heartbroken, and feel like life isn’t just fair. At this time, as a parent, role model, friend or a caring person, you need to lift their spirits up.

There are many ways you can encourage a young adult, and it is mostly about inspiring, motivating and letting them know they are not alone. They need to find that inner strength to go on with life and face the challenges better. Here are a few words of encouragement for young adults.
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Words of Encouragement for Young Adults and Students

1. You are appreciated
You don’t have to practically say it as it is. There are many ways you can tell a young adult that you appreciate them. It is a way of expressing love and care. Nowadays, many young adults may break up with their boyfriend or girlfriend and get crushed. After this disaster some of them wake-up and back to their normal life, meanwhile, rest of them don’t know how to overcome it. Words of encouragement through appreciation can help them get back on their feet.

2. Good job!
When someone does something nice, you need to acknowledge that. As small and insignificant as it might seem, it makes them feel good. Nevertheless, it cheers them on to do even better when it comes to the next tasks. In a work setting, it can be hard to applaud everyone for a well-done job, but once in a while, it is good to give credit to those deserving. Even such short encouragement words will surely affect their mind and heart in a good way.

3. Don’t give up
‘Don’t give up’ is one of the most used encouragement words by everyone. It’s because this small sentence has a very deep meaning. Life is not easy, and one will fall one too many times. It can be that you are applying for a job without success. It can also be that you are failing in your studies or in life generally. In such situations, motivation is necessary to push them to achieve their goals. No matter how hard life ever gets, never give up.

Best 10 Words Of Encouragement For Young Adults & Students

4. You are amazing
Everyone is wonderfully made and created – Thank God. That is more than enough reason to tell a young adult that they are amazing. Sometimes young adults feel like they are not worthy or are not deserving of life. Some other adults feel they are not handsome or beautiful enough. They are underestimating themselves. It is important to remind them at this point no matter what is crushing their inner spirits; they are amazing people. Let them feel worthy and that they mean something in life.

5. Give it your best
In everything you do, you need to do it wholeheartedly. Even the smallest of things such as household chores, cooking or cleaning your room, you need to be all in. Young adults sometimes lose focus way too many times especially if there is a lot going on in their lives. They feel like giving up, and in that time, simple words of encouragement that are motivational can do wonders. Some adults thought, they are the only ones having all the problems. They are absolutely wrong. Everyone has their own problem and joys, but the way of facing it differ from each other. So, don’t ever give up for anything, instead, give it your best and achieve.
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6. You’ll get it next time
It is without doubt things just don’t come our way. Sometimes you will achieve your goals and the next you may fall short. But that doesn’t mean you lose hope and despair. This particular encouragement word is very much essential for job seekers. If you have a dream job, then I’m sure you are willing to do everything you can to get it. But what does happen if you are not accepted? There are many companies and people out there who offer the same job you have been longing for. And you can always try out somewhere else.

Best 10 Words Of Encouragement For Young Adults & Students

7. You can do it
Nothing is impossible to do. Young adults, say, who are into sports and athletes need some cheering on during the sport. That is why, the audience and crowd clapping, whistling, and cheering for the participants. In other times, some things appear so difficult to handle or even complete. It can be school, sport or some hectic work. If you are around, it is always nice to be inspirational and let them know they can do anything they put their mind to.

8. Challenges are meant to make you strong
Challenges are unavoidable, and sometimes you may face one too many problems, one after the other. Keep in mind, it is not happening to you only, but everyone faces the challenges. It can be frustrating and very tiring to the point you wonder why you? You should know that everything happens for a reason and needless say, challenges are learning experiences. When you face a certain challenge today, in case it reoccurs, you will be in a better position to handle it.

9. Be yourself
Sometimes young adults think being different will help them succeed or get what they want. As much as you have a role model, you need to know that you cannot be them. It is important that you be yourself even with all the changes you may be experiencing in life. Nowadays adults, especially the young adults from India, Sri Lanka, and some other countries addicted to movie stars. That’s not an issue, but the serious problem rose when they wanted to change them exactly like their favorite star. By trying to be someone else, you are not doing yourself any good. So, be yourself and don’t let anything or anyone change who you are, because you are perfect.

Best 10 Words Of Encouragement For Young Adults & Students

10. Everything is temporary
Nothing lasts forever, so all your shortcomings are temporary. You were not brought anything with you when you were born, so you won’t bring anything with you when you will die. When you know that something will not last forever, you are encouraged to face it in the best way you know how. Furthermore, tomorrow will not hold the same fate as today. At the same time, today’s joy may will not long for tomorrow. This is life and everything around you is temporary. Once you understand that simple scenario, your life will be awesome.

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These are 10 of the best words of encouragement for young adults and college/university students. Encouragement is paramount to all young adults, even those who seem to have got it in life. They also need to be motivated and inspired so that they can achieve their goals. They need to feel that there is nothing daunting enough to break them.

I hope you like these words of encouragement for young adults. If you know any other words of encouragement for young adults and students, you can write that in the comment box below. Also, you can share this post with your friends and family by clicking one of the social share buttons below.

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  1. These have been VERY Helpful! I am currently writing encouragement notes to the students at our school! I am a ESP at a school in Minnesota! Thank You for posting this!


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