Best 30 New Funny Jokes In English 2022 (Latest And Humor)

Are you guys looking for some new funny jokes in English? If yes, you are in the right place. Laughter is the best medicine for your brain and body. A good joke lightens our burdens, inspires hopes, and connects us to others. Besides, a good joke can enhance the relationship and support both physical and emotional health.

You might have come across some good jokes, but they might be old. Through this post I’m going to line up 30 of the best new funny jokes in English and some of them may make you laugh out loud. You may already know some of these jokes, but I’m sure that you will come across some completely new jokes. Alright without talking much, let’s see the best latest jokes in English.
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Best New Funny Jokes In English (Latest And Humor)

Best 30 New Funny Jokes in English

My girlfriend’s birthday is in two days.
And she told me “Nothing would make me happier than a diamond ring”.
So I bought her nothing!


An airplane was about to crash.
There were 4 passengers on board, but only 3 parachutes.
The 1st passenger said “I am Stephen Curry, the best NBA basketball player. The Warriors and my millions of fans need me, and I can’t afford to die.” So he took the 1st pack and left the plane.
The 2nd passenger, Donald Trump, said, “I am the newly-elected US President, and I am the smartest President in American history, so my people don’t want me to die.” He took the 2nd pack and jumped out of the plane.
The 3rd passenger, the Pope, said to the 4th passenger, a 10-year-old schoolboy, “My son, I am old and don’t have many years left, you have more years ahead so I will sacrifice my life and let you have the last parachute.”
The little boy said, “That’s okay, Your Holiness, there’s a parachute left for you.
America’s smartest President took my schoolbag.”


Difference between a beautiful night and a horror night.
Beautiful night is,
When you hug your teddy bear and sleep.
Horror night is,
When your teddy bear hugs you BACK.

What is love?
Love is our 7th sense that destroys all 6 senses
And makes the person nonsense.

Once all the engineering professors were sitting in one plane.
Before the takeoff, one announcement came
“This plane is made by your students”
Then all professors stood up, ran and went outside.
But the principal was sitting.
One guy came and asked, “are you not afraid”?
Then the principal replied
“I trust my students very well and I am sure the plane won’t even start”.


Best New Funny Jokes In English (Latest And Humor)

Those who are single, Let’s sing this song together:
Single bells
Single bells
Single all the way
Oh what fun it is to watch
those couples fight all day. Yay…

Today I saw two blind people fighting,
then I shouted “I’m supporting the one with the knife”,
they both ran away.

8 p.m. I get an SMS from my girlfriend: Me or football?!
11 p.m. I SMS my girlfriend: You of course.

I was in 10th; she was in 10th.
I was in 12th; she was in 12th.
I got BSc; she got BSc
I was doing MSc; she got married.
I was preparing for JRF; she’s the mother of 1 child.
I got a PhD; she’s the mother of 2 children.
I am doing PhD; her daughter is in 1st standard
I became doctorate; her daughter is in 10th
I have joined a job; her daughter has joined college
And the greatest Irony!
Today is my engagement
And her daughter is my fiancée.

A guy in a plane stood up & shouted: “HIJACK!”
All passengers got scared
From the other end of the plane, a guy shouted back “HI JOHN”.

Hi guys.
I am so happy and proud of myself and I thought I should share with you!!!
Today I saw myself on TV when I turned it off.

My girlfriend broke up with me.
She thinks that I am childish.
So I calmed down, took a deep breath, went to her house, rang the doorbell and ran away.


My Chinese friend got really sick one day and had to go to the hospital.
I went to see him the next day.
He just kept whispering “yang qi guan” over and over and then died.
I was very sad and Googled his last message after the burial.
Apparently, it means “You’re standing on my oxygen tube”.
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Today was my first day entering a court.
The judge shouted “Order, Order!!”
I was so excited,
So I shouted back “fried rice with chicken, five bottles of beer and a chilled glass of special ice mineral water.”
I am now locked up in a dark room.
I am sure they will bring my order soon.

Best New Funny Jokes In English (Latest And Humor)

I was in a cab today and the cab driver said,
“I love my job, I’m my own boss. Nobody tells me what to do.”
Then I said, “Turn Left”.

I don’t know why it hurts when we bite our tongue mistakenly.
But it didn’t hurt when we bite it intentionally.
And I still don’t understand why you are biting your tongue now.

In every love story, a girl supports her brother,
But a brother never supports his sister.
Because the sister knows what love is and brother knows what boys are.

Two boys were arguing when the teacher entered the room.
The teacher says, “Why are you arguing?”
One boy answers, “We found a ten dollar bill and decided to give it to whoever tells the biggest lie.”
“You should be ashamed of yourselves,” Said the teacher, “When I was your age I didn’t even know what a lie was.”
The boys gave ten dollars to the teacher.


I visited my EX-girlfriend and she gave me food.
After a few second their dog came in and started to jump over and I said “this dog loves visitors”
A child replied, “No! No! Uncle, the problem is that you are using its plate”.

A local barber in my area just got arrested for selling drugs.
Blew my mind.
I’ve been his customer for years.
I had no idea he was a barber.

1) I woke up
2) I went to school
3) I saw her
4) I ran to her, and I hugged her
5) I kissed her
Actually, the right order is 3, 4, 5, 1, 2

Best New Funny Jokes In English (Latest And Humor)

I remember once when my dad gave me money to pay the electricity bill but instead I bought a lottery ticket for a brand new car.
When I got home explained to my dad what I did and he beat the crap out of me.
But the next day, when my dad woke up and opened the door, outside my house was a brand new car. We all cried especially me,
Because the car was from the electricity company, they were there to cut off the electricity.
My dad beat the crap out of me again.


If a paper comes very tough in an exam,
Just close your eyes for a moment,
Take a deep breath and say loudly,
“This is a very interesting subject; I want to study it again”.

My mom told me to
Turn down the volume of music on my computer
Or else
She would smash my head on the keyboard.
But I didn’t believejhyteqfgouy i77uufsrhg.

Read all the sentences in order
This is this cat
This is is cat
This is how cat
This is to cat
This is keep cat
This is an cat
This is idiot cat
This is busy cat
This is for cat
This is thirty cat
This is seconds cat
Now go back and read the third word in each sentence.

A guy went for an interview at a big IT company for the position of “Computer Hacking Investigator”
The boss asked him: So, what makes you suitable for this job?
Well, he replied, I hacked into your computer and invited myself to this interview.

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I asked why the Wall of China is the wonder of the world!
It’s the only thing made in China that lasted years.


They say milk gives strength.
I drank 4 cups and couldn’t move a wall.
But when I took 4 bottles of beers,
I saw the wall moving itself.
These scientists should better stop their lies.

Best New Funny Jokes In English (Latest And Humor)

The legal age for voting is 18 years and the legal age for marriage is 21 years.
Which means you need more experience to handle a girl than a country.

If a barber makes a mistake, it’s a new style
If a politician makes a mistake, it’s a new law
If a scientist makes a mistake, it’s a new invention
If a Taylor makes a mistake, it’s a new style
If a teacher makes a mistake, it’s a new theory
But, if a student makes a mistake, it’s a mistake.


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These are my 30 of the best new funny jokes in English. Alright, now it’s your time. Which joke makes you laugh out loud? Mention that in the comment box below. If you know any other good new funny jokes in English, write that in the comment box. If it’s good, I will add that joke with this post. Also, you can share this post with your friends and family by clicking one of the social share buttons below.

34 thoughts on “Best 30 New Funny Jokes In English 2022 (Latest And Humor)”

  1. I was very happy about 4 class drinks milk I can’t move on the wall but I drink 4 bottle of beer I was move the wall I like it really

  2. hey guys you are amazing….i am from India…..each and every joke make me laugh…also i want to share a joke with you
    Once there was a lady who when just entered in a bus with his small kid ,the driver said ”i’d never seen such an ugly kid…the lady became angry and go in front of a passenger and told him that the driver had make fun of him .The man replied ”Go and slap him ….i’ll take care of monkey”

  3. the biggest lie is my favourite 1. the that i know is one boy was asked to tell the formula of water. he told h,i,j,k,l,m,n,o. its not h-o its h2o.

  4. I loved the biggest lie most of all. I want to recomment a joke-one boy was asked by his teacher-tell the formula of water in chemistry. The boy answered h-i-j-k–m-n-o. actually he was asked to tell h20 and he told H TO O. HOW FUNNY. ONE MORE- WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A LION ROARS THREE TIMES? TOM AND JERRY CARTOON BEGINS.

  5. Engineering professor.
    Once two friends were sitting in a park
    One said 24 and both had hearty laughter. The other said 15 and both laughed their pants off. The passers-by asked them, ” what is so funny in 24 and 15?” Then, one of them replied, we share the same jokes everyday. Instead of repeating the whole, we share the joke number in the joke book.
    But when I searched for the joke number of your jokes, it was missing
    and remembered the old joke. Good day

  6. Father: You again slept in the class?
    I am ashamed of you my son.
    Son: It was as per the teacher’s advice.
    Father: your teacher asked you to sleep during class?
    Son: She said students need 8hrs of sleep. I slept only 4hrs last night. So I decided to sleep the rest in the class?

  7. New Generation L.K.G. Poem
    Chatting chatting yes papa
    Girlfriend setting no papa
    Telling a lies no papa
    Open your WhatsApp
    Ha Ha Ha.

  8. I lought die for this one????. U guys must pay for cracking my ribs walaihi???

    Read all the sentences in order
    This is this cat
    This is is cat
    This is how cat
    This is to cat
    This is keep cat
    This is an cat
    This is idiot cat
    This is busy cat
    This is for cat
    This is thirty cat
    This is seconds cat
    Now go back and read the third word in each sentence.

  9. One day a wife and a husband went for a walk. A cow was standing beside the road.
    The wife said to husband : Look your relative is standing by the road.
    The husband said to the cow : Good morning father in law.

  10. one joke from me . patient: doctor,i need glasses. shopkeeper: yes, you certainly do! sir this is a shoe shop.

  11. Native American (Red Indian) goes to his village chief head (sharman) for advice for constipation, says to him “Big chief no fart.” Big cheif gives him a pill to swallow and sends him on his way. Next day he returns feeling worse, “ Big chief no fart.” cheif is surprised and gives him a larger pill to swallow and sends him again on his way. Next day he returns feeling even worse “ Big chief no fart.” cheif is shocked and annoyed. Big cheif makes him a super large pill to swallow and sends him on his way. Next day he returns “ BIG FART, NO CHIEF.”

  12. they where pritty funny. other jokes i heard recently where.1. why didnt the clam donate to cherity because he was shell fish. and 2. why i bought some laced shoes from a drug dealer but for some reason i was trippin all day.3.why did the jails stop having the criminals play baseball in the yard. because they where stealing all the bases.

  13. Hijack one was awesome and even the next one that was of the judge and even the physics , actually all were awsome and the comment of tom and jerry was even good . It took all my tension way , flew my mind .
    There even a great PJ of ‘ A grand mother died in her childhood!!’

  14. I loved the one about the Chinese friend and that other one about two blind people fighting…one joke
    Sam: mommy
    mom: yes Sam
    Sam: why does someone feel a stomach ache?
    mom: because there’s nothing in the stomach
    Sam: Danny told me he had an head ache does it mean there’s nothing in his head…???

  15. My dada paid me some money for the electricity bill.. A common joke , wittily told and evokes two rounds of ironic humor… The best in my assessement

  16. You should add my joke

    In a mental health school, there was a test one day. The doctors wanted to see if the kids where getting better. So he drew a door on a chalk board in front of the class and said “first one to open the door wins”. So all the kids stood up and ran towards the board but one kid. Then the doctors stared, they were surprise. They asked him why he didn’t go and try to open the door. And he said “Its because I have the key!”
    Hope you liked it

  17. hello…..i am from india
    all jokes are super funny….
    hope u make us cry more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):)


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