How to Keep a Relationship Strong and Happy (7 Useful Tips)

How to keep a long relationship? How to keep a healthy relationship? How to keep a strong relationship? How to keep a happy relationship? There are such so many questions may run in your mind. If that’s true, you are in the right direction. Through this post, I am going to line up 7 useful tips on how to keep a relationship strong and happy.

No any relationships are perfect but definitely, you can keep the relationship healthy and strong by following the best 7 tips below.

A happy couple could make quality time together in their daily routine, walk side-by-side and hand-in-hand, make time and enjoy all the crazy stuff the other person does, and give a little hug as soon as they see each other. I am not saying every couple should follow these points but those are some little joyful stuff which makes a big difference in your relationship.

Through this post, I just want to share with you how to keep each other happy and healthy in a relationship. Alright, let’s see the best tips on how to keep a relationship strong and happy.
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How to Keep a Relationship Strong and Happy

1. Best Friends

Few people think romancing is the only way to keep the relationship strong and happy. But, in reality, you got to have other hobbies in a relationship other than being romancing. When you have just romanced the relationship looks plain and boring.

For instance, let’s say your state government put a law like you are not allowed to kiss your partner. Would you still want to spend the time with your partner? Would you still want to hang out with them?

As like the best friends go to shopping, play outside, watch a scary movie together, chase each other, try different recipes together, go to night outs at least once in a week and so on.

Talk to each other whenever you have time. Communication is the key in a relationship. You need to be comfortable with your partner and able to share your thoughts on any types of subjects.

Becoming a friend of the person you are interested in before dating them would be a bonus because then you know that they can be a best friend and you can be comfortable around them.

How to Keep a Relationship Strong and Happy (7 Useful Tips)

2. Be Real

This is one of the most important tips I strongly suggest you follow in your relationship.

Don’t be embarrassed to be yourself. Don’t make yourself a different character when you are with your partner. Don’t be afraid to eat a hamburger instead of salad.

If you are acting in front of your partner, eventually if you are planning to stay together for a long time they going to find out that you act.

Moreover, don’t compare your partner with others, because they are not perfect, in fact, nobody is perfect.

When you compare your partner with others, you got crazy, you become possessive, you will be jealousy, and you act differently.

If you are planning not to be real, you will try to act very sweet, innocent. Such acts won’t last long for several days in between a healthy and strong relationship.

When you being real they will respect who you are, they will respect your decision you make, and they won’t take advantage of your kindness.

Apart from all, don’t change your humor sense for any reason. Basically, girls like a boy with a good humor sense.

In fact, it is important to laugh together in a happy and strong relationship.

When you both laugh together for the same thing it creates a bond between one another and you are able to accept each other for who you are.

3. Understand

This tip is very useful, especially for girls.

Let’s say you are sending a text message and your boyfriend don’t reply for your text for an hour or more, don’t go crazy.

Basically, a boy thinks much more different than a girl thinks. Boys don’t think about the stuff what girls think.

Don’t analyze things on your own, instead, try to understand that guy’s situation.

If they didn’t answer you, probably they are sleeping, eating, watching a favorite sports channel, or talking with their friends.

Don’t constantly texting them which may annoy after a certain point. If you are not got a reply just wait and be patient. It’s not that hard.

Yes, girls are more sensitive but don’t expect the same from boys.

Boys, don’t take that as an advantage. You both should give an importance to one another’s emotions and feelings. For that, first, you should understand one another.

Having an emotional bond between one another is a good way to build the connection and be able to trust and care for each other.

How to Keep a Relationship Strong and Happy (7 Useful Tips)

4. Keep your Relationship Old Fashioned

You may go crazy on this tip, but believe me, this is one of the best tips keep your relationship strong and happy.

Don’t believe in new technologies. Play with old fashion and experience the happy relationship.

Get away from your smartphones and call each other on the house phone.

Instead of texting each other for 15 minutes, write a nice letter and exchange it with one another.

I really do think the time has changed from the 1950s till now.

Because back in the days’ guys are actually gentlemen, they had given the effort to keep their relationship happy and strong such as writing the letter, spending a certain amount of cents on a phone call, walked to the girlfriend’s house and so on.

An old-fashioned relationship required a lot of efforts which keep the relationship very strong and healthy.

How happy are you when you see the cute grandparents together? It’s all because they didn’t have the technologies what we have now.

Social media is the number one relationship destroyer.

You should not break up for someone like someone’s post, someone likes someone’s Instagram picture or someone favorite someone’s tweet.

In the future, if someone asks you why you guys break up, you can’t say like we break up because he likes that girl’s Instagram picture.

5. Effort

One person can’t be doing all the works in the relationship. It takes both to keep the relationship rolling.

If a boy or a girl isn’t giving any effort, that is honestly a very good reason to break up.

You can show the efforts in many different ways. For instance, a good morning text as soon as you wake up and a good night text just before you go to sleep are the small efforts you are showing to the other person.

Put your full effort right after a fight happens between you or some misunderstandings comes through in your way.

It is very important to make up after an argument no matter how small or big.

Talking to the partner about the fight and how you two can resolve it is a great effort which will only bring the two of you closer than ever.

6. Reassurance

Girls are really good at telling the boyfriend that ‘I love you’, ‘I miss you’, and so on.  Sometimes, boyfriends are slack off by saying ‘I love you’, ‘you look beautiful’.

For a strong relationship, boys should tell such things and reassure your girlfriend that she looks beautiful and how much you love her.

As long as you keep your girl secure, she won’t get jealous which is good for a long-term healthy relationship.

Some boys reassure how much he loves you, how you make his life wonderful which are the great ways to stay in a happy and strong relationship.

How to Keep a Relationship Strong and Happy (7 Useful Tips)

7. Love Unconditionally

You may know how some couple got a breakup just after a simple fight. I am pretty sure that they didn’t love each other unconditionally.

If you love each other unconditionally, regardless of the fight, regardless of the past you still love them.

So, if you still have the eternal love for a significant other and they have it back, mark my words, you are not going to break up even after a big fight.

Intimacy is an important role in any relationship.

Holding hands, hugging, cuddling, and having sex are some of the main goals in between a healthy and strong relationship.

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Maintaining the relationship and faith on one another even in the hard situations is a big deal.

Are you able to always count on your partner? Planning your future together can be a joyous occasion in which the two of you will forever share the bond that you have.

If the two of you really care about one another and see a future do not let them go.

A relationship can be difficult at times but I hope the above 7 tips can help you in some way.

If you know any other best tips on how to keep a relationship strong and happy, mention that in the comment box below. Also, you can share this post with your friends and family by clicking one of the social share buttons below.

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  1. I love the idea of keeping your relationship old-fashioned. It is true that social media is a big factor of ruining the relationships. Great tips! 🙂


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