Top 13 Romantic Ways To Propose Your Girlfriend

It is easy to say go and propose your love. But it is really hard to a person who is going to propose. Am I right? But in practical life, whether it is easy or hard, if you have affection for someone, you should go and propose and here are the best 13 romantic ways to propose your girlfriend.

Whatever it is only a brave guy can propose his love. So it’s essential to keep yourself brave enough before go and propose your love. Marriage proposal happens once in your lifetime, so make it worth and perfect. Always be confident in yourself.Top 13 Romantic Ways To Propose Your Girlfriend

In order to make your proposal successful, you need to plan and prepare everything perfectly. Two things which you don’t forget when you propose a girl. The first and most important thing is a ring(Best expensive Ring for Proposal and Best but affordable ring for proposal) and the next one is practice well the sentence which you going to say her in a romantic way. But these two are not enough to get your girl’s attraction towards you.

So, what else? You need to plan the best way to propose. You should have to select the most effective and easiest way to propose your girl. Don’t choose the hard one as the hard one may break everything when it goes wrong.

Are you thinking about the ways to propose your girl? Don’t worry guys. Through this post, I’m going to line up 13 of the best and most successful romantic ways to propose your girlfriend. Choose the best one which your girl like the most, work it out for that, and deliver it at the right time. Good luck Guys!
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Romantic Ways To Propose Your Girlfriend

Top 13 Romantic Ways To Propose Your Girlfriend1 – Propose Your Love In The Plane

First, make a plan to go to a romantic destination for your holiday with your girl. When you are on the plane tell your girlfriend that you are going to the washroom. Instead of washroom straightaway go to the front of the plane and use the loudspeaker to propose your love at the high. (You need to get a permission from a flight attendant in order to use the loudspeaker. But who will say no to this lovely proposal?)

Top 13 Romantic Ways To Propose Your Girlfriend2 – Propose Your Love In The Evening With A Cup Of Tea

Choose a pleasant evening for this proposal. Get a white teacup and write, “will you marry me?” at the inside bottom of the cup. Then bring a tea in that cup and serve it to your girl. So at the beginning, she will be surprised and impressed as you make a tea for her. Once she finishes the whole cup of tea, she will find out the sentence which you wrote at the inside bottom of the cup. Now it’s your time to take off the ring from your pocket and get down to one knee.

Top 13 Romantic Ways To Propose Your Girlfriend3 – Propose Your Love In A Famous Restaurant

Before you go to a restaurant with your partner, you go alone and talk to the manager and set up an individual room with a table and two chairs along with some dim lights. Then bring your girl to that restaurant for dinner. Initially, she will surprise with the arrangements. Don’t tell anything but have your lovely dinner with a red wine. Keep in mind, you should have to order the meal which your girl like the most. While you having the dinner,  at the right romantic moment, you take off the ring from your pocket and ask her “Will you marry me?”. Most of the girls like restaurant proposals.

Top 13 Romantic Ways To Propose Your Girlfriend4 – Propose Your Love In Your Home

Arrange a get together at your home with friends and ask your girl to come to that private party. Before she comes to your home, arrange your friends wearing the same t-shirt which says “(your name) wanna be your better half”. Once your girl arrived at your door, first she will find your friends with the same t-shirts. It will surely surprise her. This time you come out from the group of your friends with the unique t-shirt which says, “Will you marry me?”. Here is the cool Will you marry me t-shirt.

Top 13 Romantic Ways To Propose Your Girlfriend5 – Propose Your Love In The Street

Again you should have to arrange your friends with some perfect ideas. Also, you need to know exactly what time your girl go to work every day. Once you get to know the time, keep your friends at one of her daily routes with the same t-shirts which say, “Will you marry (your name)”. I’m pretty sure that she will surprise with this arrangement. Now you come out and get down on one knee with the ring and ask, “Will you marry me?”

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Top 13 Romantic Ways To Propose Your Girlfriend6 – Propose Your Love On New Year Eve

The New year eve is one of the best times for love proposal. Bring your girl for new year eve fireworks. At 11.59 PM on 31st of December ask your girl, “I’m not asking you to marry me this year, but will you marry me on next year?” Yes, that will work out. She will be excited and speechless for sure. Here you go, It is exactly 12 o’clock in the midnight, the bells ring, fireworks here and there, and it’s time to put the ring on her finger. How romantic will it be?

Top 13 Romantic Ways To Propose Your Girlfriend7 – Propose Your Love Under Candle Dinner

Candlelight dinner automatically creates a romantic environment. Many couples still follow this technique and make their love successful. I suggest you do this setup in your house instead of bringing her to the restaurant. Cook with your hands whatever your girl like and arrange that on the table. Stick candles around the table and everywhere possible in the room. Now light up all the candles and switch off all other lights. And here is the time to bring your girl to that special place. Now you take off the ring from your pocket and get down on one knee and ask, “Will you marry me?”. Do you think she would reject your proposal now? No chance, I am sure about that.

Top 13 Romantic Ways To Propose Your Girlfriend8 – Propose Your Love On The Beach

Bring your girl to the beach and build a sandcastle together. When she looking somewhere else, put the ring on the highest tower. That will make her stun and speechless. Or else, just walk along with your girl on the beach and you come to a spot where something is written in the sand. You pretend you’ve never seen this message before but, in fact, you wrote it just a few hours earlier in a spot. You ask your partner what the message says, and as she reads it, you pull the ring box out of your pocket and have it ready for her when she turns around you.

Top 13 Romantic Ways To Propose Your Girlfriend9 – Propose Your Love In A Theater

This is possible when theater owner or manager or the operator is your best friend. If so, you can make a one minute clip and ask theater operator to play that on the interval time. The clip must be short and sweet which propose your love in a different way. Now you bring your girl to the theater and as you planned the clip will play in the interval time instead of an advertisement. Just imagine how your girl reacts for this. It is one of the coolest ways to propose. Try this, if possible. Becuase, it will work out for sure.

Top 13 Romantic Ways To Propose Your Girlfriend10 – Propose Your Love Tt Her Birthday Party

Tell your girl that you are not going to attend her birthday party and you are going to send a cool birthday gift. So she’ll not going to expect you on her special day but expect your gift. What you need to do is, get a large box and keep yourself inside with a ring and ask your friends to wrap the box up. Now your friends bring the large wrapped box to her birthday party. Once the box arrived at her birthday party where hundreds of people gather, she will be definitely happy and surprise as the gift is very large. She would never think that you are inside. Now your friends ask her to open the box. Once she unwrapped the box she will find you with a beautiful ring. Now it is your time to ask her, “Will you marry me?” Then what? A successful life starts from there.

Top 13 Romantic Ways To Propose Your Girlfriend11 – Propose Your Love In A Place Where You Had Your First Date

Bring your girl to the place where you first met her. None of the couples in the world will forget the place where they met first. It’s one of their most memorable place throughout their life. So once you bring her to that place, she will be happy and recall some old memories. Now you can say something like, “We’ve had an amazing journey together so far, and now I think we are ready to take the next step in that journey. So will you marry me?” Definitely “Yes” will be the answer.

Top 13 Romantic Ways To Propose Your Girlfriend12 – Propose Your Love In Christmas

As like New year eve, Christmas is another great time for propose love. Put a beautiful ring in one of the ornaments and hang it on the Christmas tree. Once the right time comes for opening the gifts, ask your girl like, “Find your special gift which may hang it on the Christmas tree” She excited and try to find that special gift and open it up. There was a beautiful ring inside. It is more enough to understand your proposal.

Top 13 Romantic Ways To Propose Your Girlfriend13 – Propose Your Love By Some Notes Around Your House

It’s like a game but one of the best romantic ways to propose. Write some best love quotes in each paper and hide each of them at different places around your house. After every love quote, write where will be the next paper to find. So she can easily find all the papers. On your last paper, write like, “These all quotes not come from my tongue but from my heart, Will you marry me?”. Here is the time to get down on one knee at her back, so after she read the last note turns around and finds you with the ring. It’s a great romantic way to propose your love.

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These are the best 13 romantic ways to propose your girlfriend. Hopefully, these tips will help you in some way. If you have any other different romantic ways to propose the girl, write that in the comment box below. Also, you can share this post with your family and friends by clicking one of the social share buttons below.

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