Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Technology to Students

Technology plays a huge role in our lives. Have you ever think about what are the advantages and disadvantages of modern technology? The electricity we use, the water in our homes, the roads we use, all that has been made possible by use of technology. Even the education system is being remodeled, thanks to technology.

Technology is meant to make work easier and allow us to enjoy better lifestyles, however, at the same time, we have become overly lazy because of that. Students have been greatly affected by technology in various ways – both good and bad. Modern technology is based on the latest advances in technology which are changing by the day. It is important to keep our eyes open and our minds alert as the technology changes. Through this post, I’m going to figure out the advantages and disadvantages of modern technology to students.
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Technology to Students

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Modern Technology

Advantages Of Modern Technology To Students

Technology has a lot of advantages in every field it is applied to. In education, it plays a vital role for both students and their teachers and the institution at large. The advantages are basically the positivities of technology and the many benefits we enjoy. They include;

1. Easier access to information: With technology advancements, students can easily access class notes and assignments through emails, WhatsApp, Viber, and other mediums of communication. This helps in keeping students updated with class work and they can read at their own pleasure through their mobile phones and laptops. In early stages of Tech era, we used PCs and Laptops for took down notes. But nowadays students not even bother about PCs or Laptops. They simply use mobile phones and Tablets. See, how these modern technologies change our students’ life easy. Think, how our parents or grandparents access the class notes or assignments? On those days, they should have to go and meet the teacher in person or go to the library for collects the information.

2. Convenience in learning: Technology has made learning possible from all corners of the earth. You don’t have to worry anymore about missing class work and having piles of assignments and notes to write. Your friends can keep you posted on classes and send you the necessary materials needed by the teachers. Let’s say you are going to an unavoidable ceremony/function or going abroad for one week. Without technologies, how you could cover up all the notes you are going to miss during that one week? In such situations, technology impacts a lot. Your friend can keep updating you about everyday class notes and other information.

3. Promote independent learning: The internet is a hub of information. During free time, students can look up important information that helps them increase knowledge. In addition to that, they can review what they learned in class through their devices. In early days, a student has to go to the library in order to learn and gather information independently. But now it’s all turn-around. A smartphone is enough to gather any type of information from any kind of subjects.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Technology to Students

4. Enhanced communication: This is with regards to communication between students and their teachers. It also helps in relaying information from the dean to students on important information, events, and dates in the school’s academic year. When my parents got free time, they told me about their old life style. Sometimes, they told me about their school life and I just amazed the way they studied hard. Before these technologies arise, if a student has any doubts or wanted to know some important information, they should have to meet the teacher in person. But nowadays, a student can easily contact the teacher through a mobile phone or any other communication devices. This enhanced communication is one of the great advantages of modern technology to students.

5. Better access to reading materials: Through your mobile phone, tablet or laptop, you can easily access notes and course textbooks. Instead of having loads of books and hard copies, just use your mobile phone and download the necessary reading material in PDF format. Google, Wikipedia, and YouTube are three giants where you can learn anything. Just imagine your life without Google and YouTube. But, keep in mind that your parents and grandparents studied, worked on assignments, successfully finished projects and, graduated without Google, YouTube or any other technologies. Why I’m saying this is you have to honor your parents because they are cleverer than you. This is how modern technologies make a student life easier than they expect.

6. Integration of fun in class: Students get bored with the same teaching routines. As the teacher, you can make your class lively by asking them to use their gadgets to access information from the net in regards to classwork. Apart from being fun, it enhances their participation in class. It’s very hard to see a student who goes to school without a mobile phone. Even though there are some disadvantages of having a mobile phone by a school student, there are many advantages a student can earn from the same mobile phone. Go through the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones to school students.

7. For relaxation: In a tight studying schedule, a student must have to take a break. Some students go and play outside or go for some physical activities – highly appreciate them. But many students entertain themselves by watching movies or listening songs via smartphone. Other students play games on their mobile phone. Some other students play games on PlayStation, Xbox or Wii. This is how technology entertains a student as they want.
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Disadvantages Of Modern Technology To Students

As much as students take advantage to nurture their learning, they have also misused the advancements of modern technology to engage in unpleasant habits. This has made parents, as well as teachers concerned, and it’s during times like these people wish technology was not part of their lives as it is spoiling the minds of their young ones. However, it is important to note that modern technology isn’t the issue here but it’s the students using technology for all the wrong reasons. The disadvantages of modern technology to students include;

1. Seclusion from the rest of the world: Students have taken solace in technology and have created their own world revolving around it. You will find that they lock themselves in their rooms and even stay up too late, surfing the internet or watching movies and listening to music. This is not only affecting their studies but also seriously affect their health too. As a parent or teacher, you should let them use any technology device for a certain time only.

2. Addiction: Technology has an alluring sense that attracts the young generation and traps them. You will find 90% of a school population glued to the screen of their devices doing what they know best. Using the modern technology is good but if you are getting addicted to any modern technology, that’s bad. The college and university students grow enough to identify and use the modern technologies in a limited way. But sadly, school student are easily got addicted to modern technologies and that’s not a good practice at all.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Technology to Students

3. Access to inappropriate content: With the freedom of having devices with the internet, students take advantage and search for inappropriate materials e.g. pornography and violent acts, which are easily accessible on the net. As a parent, you should have to keep your eye on your kid as all the time as possible. As you all know, nowadays the sexuality cases and violent acts tremendously growing day by day. It’s all because of the rise of modern technology. The growth of technology is great only when we use that in an appropriate way.

4. Cyber bullying: This is yet another alarming heinous act, where students hack other people’s accounts where they harass them and ask for money or tamper with other people’s vital information. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of modern technology to students.

5. A huge distraction: As much as the internet and gadgets enhance learning, they also demote it by acting as a huge distraction to the students from what is really important in education. In class, you will find students don’t pay attention and instead they are playing games or surfing online and listening to music. Even in the home, some students playing games on their actual studying time. As a student, you can play for some time after the school. But don’t play the whole time when you are in the home. You may have to do the home work or you may have to repeat the notes what you studied at the school. If you are playing or entertain you without studying at least a little at home, mark my words, you are going through a wrong path and it will affect your future.

6. Increased cases of exam cheating: Cheating during examination and tests have become a common thing among students. Since they can find all the information they need online, they don’t revise for exams, instead, they use their mobile phones to search for answers. This is not a good idea at all.

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These are the advantages and disadvantages of modern technology to students. These are the only points struck on my mind. But I’m sure that there are many other advantages and disadvantages of modern technology to students. If you know any other points, you can write that in the comment box below.

The advancements in technology have proven to be education friendly, however, at the same time, it is distracting students from what is really important. This might be due to the non-restriction of certain information and sites that students should not visit. Moreover, they have the freedom to engage in other activities – games, movies, and music, instead of taking books and read to enhance learning and improve their knowledge.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, feel free to shoot that in the comment box below. I always welcome your comments and suggestions. You can share this post with your friends and family by clicking one of the social share buttons below.

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