How Do I Know If a Boy Likes Me in High School? (7 Simple Tips)

High school love is more complicated than you think. Boys and girls are learning how to behave like adults, and it not always comes out well. Some boys are so immature that they still behave like kids in kindergarten. Playschool is over but few guys get the memo. So, how do I know if a boy likes me in high school?

There are many signs that will indicate if a boy likes you in high school. Boys simply don’t know how to control their feelings. However, they may not express them correctly all the time.

How Do I Know If a Boy Likes Me in High School? (7 Simple Tips)

If you read the signs, then be open to talk. That way you could start a lasting relationship. Nevertheless, you must be prepared for the risks. If you like him, you may have misinterpreted the signs. Don’t get too excited until you can confirm it.

Here is all you need to know about how to know if a boy likes you in high school. Some of these facts are going to surprise you!
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How Do I Know If a Boy Likes Me in High School?

Falling into the relationship is an important stage if you are a pre-school student or high school student or college/university student or even an adult. Actually, it’s easy to fall in a relationship, but it’s very hard to get over from it.

Basically, adults learned a lot from this society and they are matured enough to make right decisions. But, as you are a high school student, you may don’t have enough experiences about the real life. You may make decisions without thinking much. So, you have to be careful in every way, especially when you take important decisions including accepting a boy as your life partner.

How Do I Know If a Boy Likes Me in High School? (7 Simple Tips)

Before you confirm with anything, ask the below 7 questions to yourself

1. Is he the Funny Guy?
When a boy teases you, it is almost a certain sign that he likes you. But there is an exception to this rule.

Ask yourself if he is the funny guy. Some boys like to tease everybody. If you get on his way, he will tease you as much as he would anybody else. It is in his nature. If you are teased by the funny guy, we are sorry to tell you that he has no crush for you.

On the other hand, there are some boys who behave like a normal and they will become funny whenever they are with you only. Their whole intention is to make you smile every time. Girl, believe me, he is the boy the God has made for you for sure.

2. Is he Extremely Shy?
This is a more certain sign of a boy liking you. If he is extremely shy, but he still finds ways to be close to you, pay attention.

He may be walking by your side to classes. Some other times, he might be just there for you. Is this shy guy always on your school teams?

When a boy acts the shy, it is hard to notice him. They become practically invisible. It will take all your skills to notice he is there. He likes you, girl, and you may need to take the first step.

But, be sure that he is shy only in front of you. Some boys are there who shy in front of every girl. Don’t get too excited and dream on those type of boys. So, take your own time and study the boy completely before making any decisions.

3. Is he always Showing Off in front of you?
This is one of the simple techniques many boys using in front of a girl. When a boy is always showing off in front of you, which means he likes you. Sometimes this sort of behavior can be annoying. It is just that he doesn’t know how to catch your attention.

He is trying to impress you. Break the ice and show him it is best to be real. Tell him what you like and what you don’t like. He is going to listen and will try to please you.

Just don’t be a mean girl. Be honest all the time. If you like him, things will come along. If you don’t like him, go and explain the reason why you don’t like him. The genuine boys can understand the situation and change their mind.

How Do I Know If a Boy Likes Me in High School? (7 Simple Tips)

4. Is he staring at you inexplicably?
The stare is a sure sign he likes you. Whenever you catch a boy staring at you, then he definitely has a crush on you. When he gets caught, he may try to pretend he was not looking.

Keep in mind, there are some cases, boys accidentally staring at you. So, don’t get too excited if you catch him at the first time. But, if you catch him to stare at you many times, then be sure that he likes you and you need to take further steps.

Ask your friends if he actually stares. Other people may be able to notice his behavior better than you. As external observers, they have the whole picture.

There may few jealousy people studying with you and they won’t tell the actual story. So take your own time before making any decisions.

5. Is he being Extra Nice to you?
Some guys behave extra nice when they like a girl. Check if he is doing it just with you. That way you will know it is not part of his regular behavior.

Let him pamper you only if you like him back. Otherwise, you will be giving him false hopes. If you are not interested, talk to him and ask him to stop his extra nice behavior. It is for the best.

Some boys act like they give an extra care on you. You have to be careful on those guys. Again the simple tip you have to follow is, take your own time and study him before making any powerful life decisions.

6. Is he Constantly Texting you?
There is a point in which the ice is broken. Most times you may think it is just friendship. When you go along together you will become friends. Next thing you know you are spending a lot of time with him.

If he is just interested in your friendship, your time together will be enough. But when he feels something else for you, he would constantly text you.

Even after the school, if a boy texting you for a long time mean, he likes you and expects you as his life partner. Basically, boys like to text to a girl rather than call and talk over the phone. So, if a high school boy text you, especially at the night time is a sure sign of he likes you the most.

7. When your Friend has a Crush on you
This is not an easy situation, particularly, when you don’t feel the same. If you have a boyfriend, it may make things worse. However, when nothing has been said, it is hard to be sure.

The best way to go is calling for immediate action. When you get to a point in which you are still in doubt just ask him directly. Tell him how you feel about him. That way you both will know, and there will not be any awkwardness among you.

How Do I Know If a Boy Likes Me in High School? (7 Simple Tips)

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So, have you got an answer for ‘how do I know if a boy likes me in high school’? Hopefully, these 7 simple and useful tips would help to identify the right ones.

Now, be observant. Pay close attention, and strike back when you have the chance. A straight question will be enough to confirm if a boy likes you in high school.

Apart from that, at any situations, you have to be patient. If you think that a boy likes you, take your own time and study that boy at least a little before going to take the decision.

If you have any experience on your high school days, you can share with us in the comment box below. Also, you can share this post with your friends and family by clicking one of the social share buttons below.

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  1. I sighed “No, no, no, and no” as I read through them all, I wish there was some way to end my situation before I end up making another shower potion and crying again

  2. What if my bestfriends tell me that he likes me cause he acts wired around me and over comes to our table and looks at me and my bestfriends tell me that you like go and tell him but am scared and one of my bestfriends almost told him so I told my self. Since we are at home the country is under lockdown and I found his number and I said to my self I am going to tell him before we go back to school.
    At first I did not have his number then he texted me but he did not say it was him and I waited for days for him to say it was him. When I went back to school my bestfriend said that he texted six people about if they had my number but and he found it and he texted me and I did not know it was him. And she started complaining why did I block him. Then he came to my table and was asking me why did I block him and I asked why did you not say it was you then he said he was after he was going to finish what he was doing then I said I waited for days and I just blocked him.
    Before I knew him my bff was at that school until I went there last two months and many girls said I looked beautiful even some boys said it to me.
    He was the first person to talk to me the moment I entered the class.
    There was a time he offered to buy for me something and he did. when he sits on our table he starts to stare at me


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