Thinking Of You Poems And Quotes – Worth To Read

Thinking of you poems and quotes

I don’t have any special reason for write this article “Thinking of you poems” other than an opportunity to say I’m thinking of you. Yes, most probably it’s a real painful situation for all of us. There are some various situations make us to thinking of a particular person. Sometimes your boyfriend lives in another country which separates you from him. Which will make you to thinking of your boyfriend. You might think of your partner when you broke up with them. In fact, break up is so painful. Or even, a happily married husband thinking of his wife when she went somewhere for a week or month vacation. Or else, a Mom thinking of her child when he or she is not at the home. This is how there are lots of situation make a person to thinking of another person. In this post, I’m going to bring down the thinking of you poems and quotes which are really worth to read.
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Thinking of you poems and quotes

Thinking Of You Poems And Quotes

That’s yesterday night..
I went to bed..
The darkness around my eyes..
No noises around my ears..
Suddenly I realized that
♥♥♥I’m thinking of you baby..!♥♥♥
The sweet memories
which we shared together
floating through my head..!
The worst things
Which happened between us
hit my brain..!
My heart asked brain to
say sorry..
♥♥Yes, baby.. I’m so sorry..!♥♥
and I thinking of you..!!!

Even though you are far away from me
You always with me – And
I build a small beautiful house in my heart – where
You lived and make me feel better..!
I’m thinking about you every second,
Every minute, every hour and every day..!
But, any far distance won’t separate us – And
♥♥♥Always I send my hug to you..!♥♥♥
I take this opportunity to say,
♥♥♥I’m thinking of you Honey..!!!♥♥♥

Do you feel bad??
Do you feel that you are sick??
Is someone makes you sorrowful??
Just see back to your heart baby – And
♥♥You will see me..!♥♥
Then every painful thing – which
Make you feel bad
Wiped out completely..!
Do you wonder, how I know this??
Yea baby, the same things happened to me as well..!
Whenever I bring your face in front of my eyes,
All gone out – And
♥♥♥Just I started to thinking of you..!!♥♥♥

Thinking of you poems and quotes

Somewhere in the world – Someone
Thinking of what you are doing..!
♥♥Thinking of your smile..!♥♥
♥♥Thinking of your voice..!♥♥
♥♥Thinking of your look..!♥♥
♥♥Thinking of your jokes..!♥♥
Thinking of the things shared with you..!
Thinking of the bad moments with you..!
Thinking of the places had been with you..!
So whenever you are alone,
Don’t feel that you are alone – Because
Somewhere in the world – Someone
♥♥♥Thinking of you..!!!♥♥♥

Whenever, I’m thinking of you,
♥There is a smile on my face..!♥
The way you embrace me,
Forget everything in this world..!
I only have a wish, which is true..!
You have to make that, without clue..!
♥♥♥I want to be your wife..!♥♥♥
♥♥Because I truly love you..!♥♥
Baby, One thing is to confirm that,
You may be out of my sight – But
♥♥Not out of my heart..!♥♥
Today and every day,
This time and always,
♥♥♥I’m thinking of you..!!!♥♥♥

Today I woke up and thinking of you..!
I wondered if you were thinking of me too..!
I sat there and thinking of our last goodbye – And
♥All I could do was produced some tear drops..!♥
Baby, you joined me with my permission – Then
♥♥Why you left me without my permission??♥♥
It’s hard to accept that I’m here without you..!
Yes, Believe me, it’s really hard to accept..!
Until you come again,
♥I just sit here to thinking of you and wait..!!!♥

Thinking of you poems and quotes

♥The sun rises, Because of you..!♥
♥The flowers blossom, Because of you..!♥
♥The birds make noises, Because of you..!♥
Do you know what? – Even
♥♥I’m waking up in the morning, Because of you..!♥♥
But, why the last sentence becomes dream baby??
♥What I did, except love you?♥
You left me without a reason – But
I’m here and crying with the reason..!
My mind tries to forget you – But
♥♥♥My heart always thinking of you..!!!♥♥♥

When I wake up in the morning..
When I have a bath in the washroom..
When I drive my car to the office..
When I work in the office..
When I get to lunchtime during the work..
When I come back to home..
When I watching TV..
When I sit in front of the computer..
When I go to sleep..
♥♥♥All the time I’m thinking of you..!♥♥♥
In fact, you are my favorite daydreamer..!
Still, I’m wondering,
Why do I always end up thinking about you??
But, soon I’ll realize that all because,
♥♥♥I love you..!!!♥♥♥

Thinking of you poems and quotes

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Today morning, when I woke up, I smiled without any reason, then I realized that I’m thinking about you. Which makes me write these thinking of you poems and this article. Literally, this didn’t happen only to me. Most of you might face that awesome painful feeling in your life. Earlier I wrote an article “I love you quotes for him – From the heart“, which went viral and hopefully you like these ‘thinking of you poems’ and ‘quotes on images’. If so like and share below. If you have your own thinking of your poems or quotes, just you can share that with others by writing in the comment box below.

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  1. these am thinking of u poems just made me cry early in the morning.they made me realise how much i love puleng,,everytime i think of him i cry because of the love i have for him.I LOVE and MISS U Puleng Nkoana

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