The Ultimate List of 75 Bean Puns and Jokes

Small beans, big laughs! It’s time to explore the hilarious world of bean puns and one-liners with our ultimate list of 75 jokes.

Ready to unleash your inner comedian? Get ready to laugh your way through these creative and entertaining jokes!

We’ve got witty wordplay like “I’m feeling like a well-cooked bean today – I’ve reached my boiling point!” and “Why did the coffee file a police report? It got mugged!

Funny Bean jokes and puns

Remember to choose the right moment to deliver these jokes for maximum impact. Try some props or visual aids related to beans, like a small can of baked beans, for an extra layer of humor.

So get ready to spill the beans on your laughing gas tank – these bean puns and jokes are a comedian’s treasure trove that’s sure to leave you in stitches!

Bean Puns and Jokes: A Comedian’s Treasure Trove

Why don’t beans ever play hide and seek with chili?
Because they always spill the beans!

What’s a bean’s favorite classical composer?

Why did the bean get an award?
Because it has bean outstanding.

What’s a bean’s favorite book?
Great Expectations, because it’s always full of beans.

What’s a bean’s favorite part of the computer?
The keyboard, they like to press the ‘enter-key’.

Why did the bean go to the school dance?
Because it wanted to pinto the night away.

What did the green bean say to the chickpea?
You’ve bean on my mind.

Why did the coffee bean file a police report?
It got mugged.

What’s a bean’s favorite room in the house?
The living room, because it’s full of bean bags.

What do you call a bean in outer space?
An uniden-bean-flying-object (U.B.F.O.)

Why was the bean always calm?
Because it always keeps its cool beans.

What’s a bean’s favorite musical?
Les Beanserables.

What’s a bean’s favorite exercise?
Jumping beans.

Why was the green bean sad?
Because it felt like it wasn’t being seen.

Why did the bean go to therapy?
It couldn’t handle the pressure of being a has-bean.

Why couldn’t the beans find their way home?
Because they lost their bean-ings.

What do you call a bean that does magic tricks?
A jumping bean.

Why did the bean bring a ladder to the bar?
It heard the drinks were on the house, so it’s trying to get up-bean.

What’s a bean’s favorite band?
The Black Eyed Peas.

Why do beans never lie?
Because they can’t keep a secret, they always spill the beans!

What do you call a fashionable legume?
A cool bean.

Why did the bean get promoted?
Because it has bean working very hard.

What’s a bean’s favorite action movie?
The Bean Identity.

What’s a bean’s favorite scary movie?
The Exor-bean-st.

Why do beans go to school?
Because they like to be edu-ca-bean-ted.

What’s a bean’s favorite TV show?
Breaking Bean.

What do you call a bean with no ears?
Anything you like, it can’t hear you!

What’s a bean’s favorite sport?
Bean-bag toss.

Why was the bean feeling unwell?
It had a touch of the green beans.

What do you call a bean who can play the guitar?
A string bean.

Laugh is better

What’s a bean’s favorite season?
Spring, because that’s when the beans are jumping.

Why did the bean go to the dentist?
It had a case of bean decay.

Why did the bean become a journalist?
Because it loves to spill the beans.

What do you call a bean that meditates?
A serene bean.

What do beans use to write a letter?
A bean point pen.

Why do beans hate winter?
They might get frost-bean.

What’s a bean’s favorite game?
Bean-bag toss, because it never loses.

Why did the bean turn red?
Because it saw the salad dressing.

Why don’t beans gossip?
They prefer to keep things on the bean-low.

What did the mama bean say to the baby bean?
It’s past your bed-bean time.

What’s a bean’s favorite cartoon character?
Mr. Bean.

Why did the bean join the gym?
Because it wanted to feel bean-er.

Why did the bean go to the party?
Because it wanted to have a bean-blast!

What do you call a bean that’s good at catching?
A bean-ball player.

Why did the bean go to the library?
Because it wanted to be well-read-bean.

Why do beans make great detectives?
They always spill the beans.

What do beans say on Halloween?
Bean or treat!

Why don’t beans ever grow up?
Because they are always kid-ney beans.

What’s a bean’s favorite part of a joke?
The punch-bean-line.

Why was the bean always happy?
Because life is bean-tiful.

What did the bean say at the end of the prayer?

Why do beans go to the opera?
They like to hear the bean-tenors.

What do you call a bean that’s bad at lying?
A has-bean.

Why did the bean go to the museum?
Because it wanted to be a human-bean.

Why did the bean start a band?
Because it has a great bean-beat.

What’s a bean’s favorite type of music?
Bean and Roll!

What’s a bean’s favorite mathematical constant?
Bean-tha (Pi).

Why don’t beans have any secrets?
Because they always spill the beans.

What do you call a bean that’s always tired?
A has-bean.

What’s a bean’s favorite fair ride?
The bean-go-round.

Why was the bean on the computer?
It was updating its status to ‘baked’.

What’s a bean’s favorite place to visit?
The Great Wall of Bean-a.

Why was the bean arrested?
Because it was a kid-ney bean.

What’s a bean’s favorite breakfast?
Beans on toast.

What’s a bean’s favorite dance move?
The bean-dango.

Why do beans make terrible secret agents?
They can’t stop spilling the beans.

What did the bean say to its child at bedtime?
It’s bean a long day, sleep tight.

What do beans wear to bed?

What’s a bean’s favorite meal of the day?

What did the bean say to its friend when it was leaving?
I’ve bean missing you already.

Why was the bean always lost?
Because it didn’t know its bean-ings.

Why did the bean get a speeding ticket?
Because it bean going too fast.

What’s a bean’s favorite movie?
Jelly Bean’s Diary.

Why did the bean get a time-out?
Because it has bean bad.

What do beans say when they greet each other?
How’ve you bean?

This collection of bean puns and one-liners is a comedian’s treasure trove! It has something for everyone – from numerical wordplay to cultural humor. Each suggestion has been crafted to generate maximum comedic impact.

Bean Puns and Jokes for Every Occasion

Bean puns and jokes are great for any occasion! They offer endless laughs and bonding moments. Share them at family gatherings, corporate events, or coffee dates with friends. Their creative wordplay and wit will have everyone chuckling.

Did you know that “bean” is also slang for someone’s head? It started in the early 20th century and is still around today. So, if you hear someone joking about someone else’s “bean“, remember its secret meaning!

And lastly, the science of bean humor: why did the kidney bean go to therapy? It had a complex about being a legume trapped in a bean’s body!

Bean Puns vs. Other Food Jokes

Bean puns offer a unique, flavorful twist on food jokes. Unlike other food jokes, they surprise and delight with unexpected connections and linguistic creativity.

Beans come in a variety of types – navy, kidney, black – providing an array of opportunities for puns and one-liners. Puns can be made with “bean” itself or incorporate common phrases or idioms.

What makes bean puns special is their ability to take everyday bean phrases and make them amusing. By playing with words and highlighting clever associations, these jokes have a surprise element that can catch listeners off guard and make them laugh.

Plus, bean puns can be educational! As listeners engage with the wordplay, they’re exposed to new vocabulary and linguistic concepts. This blend of humor and learning adds another level of value to bean puns.

So, if you’re looking for food-related humor, consider adding bean puns to your repertoire. They offer a unique flavor that will surely make your listeners smile.

Just remember: when using bean puns, be sure to contextualize them properly for the best effect!


Our bean puns journey ends with joy. We’ve explored 75 humorous jokes about beans! From puns on types of beans to witty remarks on their features, laughter was bountiful.

Apart from just entertainment, these puns can be used in creative ways. Writing and presentations can have a touch of humor with bean puns. Plus, crafting your own jokes shows wit and creativity.

Timing is important when delivering these jests. Social media is a great tool to share them with a broader audience and spread smiles. So, don’t forget the possibilities these playful jokes bring!

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